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This is a link to nobodyjones’s blog post: “On critiquing, reviewing and writing about children’s literature

And this is Joanne Harris’s article: “Criticism is fine, but do you have to spoil the plot?

About Katie Willingham

I am a recently graduated English major and poet from Macalester College in Saint Paul, MN. I am an avid reader and have a lot to say about what I read.
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3 Responses to The About Video

  1. Chelsea Mayo says:

    I really like the addition of this post in the midst of your reviews, even though I’m sure most of your followers are with you on this one. Good points about calling out glorified plot summaries for what they are and recognizing that internet reviews can be just as significant as printed ones. It’s what you say, not where you say it. or write it.

  2. kbergen says:

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head – it kind of doesn’t seem important if people are looking to printed reviews or internet reviews. All it says is that people writing printed reviews need to step up their game – in the same way that news outlets maybe need to step up their game/adapt. Also, the people who are reading “serious, non-plot driven” reviews online are probably also up for reading “serious, non-plot driven” printed reviews/”professional” reviews. I think she’s creating a problem where one doesn’t actually exist. Plus, I enjoy seeing your face every week, so you have to keep vlogging. Do I sound creepy yet? 🙂

    • Thanks!! I just couldn’t resist commenting when I read that…I feel like it’s too easily accepted that bloggers are unprofessional and inferior to other reviews and that is just SILLY.

      When’s your vlog launch, lady?

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