Almost Never

Almost Never is a novel by Daniel Sada, translated by Katherine Silver, © Graywolf Press 2012

About Katie Willingham

I am a recently graduated English major and poet from Macalester College in Saint Paul, MN. I am an avid reader and have a lot to say about what I read.
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2 Responses to Almost Never

  1. Chelsea Mayo says:

    Ha I also like when you do something silly at the beginning. I’m wondering how much the two women know about each other and if that knowledge affects the way either one plays her role, or if the triangle’s all in his head. hmmm

  2. kbergen says:

    I approve of the opening of this video. Does the focus on the virgin and the whore have a religious theme to it as well?

    Also, how charming that a man is the means of escape.

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